How to Set Up an Etsy Shop – In 8 Simple Steps!

Handmade items.

There is something truly special about them.

It’s not something you can buy from a factory, someone had to take time out of their day to create them.

They are one of a kind, truly special pieces of art.

There is a platform called Etsy that not only allows you to buy these pieces of art, but also allows you to share and sell your handmade goods worldwide.

When thinking about getting started with any business, people begin to get stuck on the logistics and end up not doing it.

This shouldn’t be the case here, there is a simple 8 step process to getting your Etsy business rolling fast.

  1. Choose a name.
  2. Design your shop.
  3. Create your merchandise.
  4. Take a photo.
  5. Choose a price.
  6. Writing your description.
  7. Selling your first item.
  8. Shipping your item.

1. Choosing Your NameThink of a name

When you are setting up your Etsy shop, the first thing you need to do is name it.

When you are thinking of a name, don’t overthink it.

When you buy from someone on Etsy or eBay does their name effect whether you buy their product or not?

Of course not!

I’m not saying that your name isn’t important, but it won’t make or break your success.

You are given one more chance to rename your shop, so when picking your name, just note you can always think about it more and change it later.

2. Designing Your Shop

Many people obsess over designing their shop.

However, most people will find your items through the search engine, so it would be better to spend more time on your listing, rather than designing your shop.

Setting it up quickly and making it very basic is key.

You can always update it to your liking after your first item is listed.

Design Your Logo

Creating a logo is very important, but unless you have experience with graphic design, I would recommend you pay to have it done for you.

I would recommend Fiverr, all you have to do is just tell them a general idea of what you want and some colors you want, then they will design one.

You could also make one yourself, Click Here to read my post about designing your own logo in 10 minutes!

However, you do not need a logo right away.

Of course, logo and branding do go hand in hand, so if you want to get more serious about your Etsy business, you should focus on creating a logo that will appeal to your target demographic.

3. Creating Your First Product

When you start your Etsy shop, I would recommend you start off with no more than one test item.

You may think you need several listings on your items before starting.

Here’s why that’s a bad idea:

  • If you spend hours on creating multiple designs and making them look really nice, but nobody bought them, how would you feel? You would be discouraged. But if you create only one test item, you can test it and work out the kinks, without feeling all your hard work has been ignored.
  • If your shop is set to take special orders, you will find that people will give you a lot of special order requests and all your work will not be noticed or bought as much and you will feel like you are receiving a ton of special orders and no one is buying anything else.
  • In the beginning, no one will be paying any attention to your shop, besides your friends and family. So don’t feel like you need to impress potential buyers by having a lot of choices.
  • It is also a huge waste of time, because it will give you an excuse to why your shop is not up and running. An excuse is just a reason you didn’t do something, but if you start your shop initially, there will be no need for an excuse.

So pick a design you think will do the best and then create one.

Now that you have your design in-hand, it is time to take some lovely photos.

4. Taking Your Photo

In my opinion, the photo is the most important part of your listing.

Your photo is the first thing your potential customer will see of your product.

Any camera will do for now, though I do recommend eventually upgrading.

Here are some things to keep in mind while taking your photo:

  • Neutral backgrounds make your product itself pop.
  • Don’t worry about investing in a good camera. The one on your phone should be fine.
  • Look at photos from successful stores who sell similar products to you, and see what makes theirs so good and try to replicate it.

Once you have the photos of your liking you need to decide on a price.

Also, comment down below if you know what game that perler bead sprite is from.

5. Deciding on Your Price

Choosing your price may prove to be difficult.

You don’t want to charge too much, no one will buy it, but you don’t want to charge too little, you won’t make enough profit and in some cases will lose money.

These are some things to keep in mind while deciding on a price.

Here is my example:

I sell perler art on my Etsy.

The ones I mostly sell are small sprites consisting of around 200-500 beads.

A pack of 1,000 Beads costs $2.49 for 1 or 2 bags, $2.19 for over 3 bags, and $1.99 for over 6 bags.

Usually when I buy they cost me $1.99 per bag. $1.99 for 1,000 beads is buying them at a rate of about 5 beads for 1 cent.

So when I do a project consisting of 315 beads, I divide that by the 5 beads per cent to tell me how much the beads cost in cents, as shown: 315 beads / 5 beads per cent = 63 cents for the materials.

These sprites do not take a very long time to make, I can make like 4 in an hour.

So for an hour of work, the materials cost me $2.52.

Now it just comes down to how much your time costs to you.

For me, I charge anywhere from $5 to $10 depending on the design, so $5 per piece x 4 pieces gives you $20 minus the cost for materials, $2.52, making my hourly wage $17.48.

So if you spend an hour a day during the work week doing what I do, you will be adding $87.40 to your weekly income.

Pretty cool right?

And if you want to make a full time living off of it, you could, you just have to do it for many hours.

However, I would not recommend crafting and selling perler beads to anyone looking for a full time income out of it.

It is possible, but it takes a lot of time, and it can be very tedious work.

I’m sure there are much better things to craft and sell, perler beads are just one of my hobbies.

You should also consider the cost to list the item, which is $0.20, which is per listing, not per item.

So if you sell hundreds of the same product, you only have to subtract $0.20 once.

But Etsy does take a small cut of what your item sells for.

6. Writing Your Perfect Description

When it comes to listing a new item, nothing is more frustrating than writing your description.

They must be very detailed, and for some will prove to be very difficult.

But luckily, I found a way to write a description that is a lot easier.

Find a seller who sells something similar, and use their description as a sample for yours.

I am not telling you to plagiarize someones description, I am just saying to use theirs for ideas on how to word yours.

You don’t want your listing to be exactly like someone elses, and you also don’t want to steal the description they worked long and hard to come up with.

Just keep in mind the details they included, because the reason those details are included is most likely that someone asked them about it.

Some details you may want to include are what your item is made out of, what types of customizations are available, and anything that you think would help sell your item.

Now that you have an amazing photo, an awesome description and a prototype for your item, it is time to go out there and get your very first sale!

7. Getting Your First Item Sold

Getting your very first sale is thrilling.

Once you have achieved your first sale, you gain confidence that your items will sell, and once you turn your first profit, you will truly be rolling.

In order to get your first sale, you can just sit back and wait, or you can take it into your own hands, to speed up the process and increase your odds of selling one or more of your goods.

I would recommend you make a spreadsheet and record how many views and likes you get on your listing.

On that spreadsheet, I would include the set price of the item, the photo used and the keywords used.

If your item is averaging about 100 views a day but only a couple favorites with no sales, I’m sure your keywords are fine, but your pictures and description need some work.

If many people favorite your item, but still no sales, I would keep the photo, but update your description or maybe your price.

So keep going using trial and error, seeing what is working and what’s not until you hit a sweet spot and your product finally sells.

To get even more sales, I recommend you advertise your product.

There are multiple ways of going about this, which include:Social Media

  • Creating a Facebook page for your shop and paying for Facebook ads.
  • Creating Google Adwords ads for your listings.
  • Sponsoring your posts on Twitter.

If you have tried all of what I have recommended above and still no one will buy your product, maybe it is time to move onto a different product.

After all, you only made one prototype, so it’s really no big deal, just try something else.

8. Shipping Your Items

Shipping your items is a very important part of this business.

It is how your products going from your hands to the hands of the consumer.

How to ship your item depends solely on what item you are shipping.

I would recommend you print your shipping labels at home.

If you own any type of printer, you can print shipping labels directly from the Etsy website.

Printing labels at home not only saves you time, but it also saves you some money.

If you live in the United States, USPS offers FREE boxes and envelopes, which is really awesome, and will save you a lot of money.

If you live somewhere else, that is fine, just check Amazon and you can find shipping supplies pretty cheap.

Note that USPS only has boxes and envelopes, shipping tape and other shipping supplies must be bought elsewhere.

Though not necessary, I highly recommend you send a thank you card out with all of your orders.

It makes your customers feel special, and want to buy from you again.

Continue to Conquer Etsy

If you have gone through this article and done all that was instructed, you should have a pretty good start to your Etsy shop.

You have your shop set up, you have item(s) up, products of yours are selling quite often, you have shipped out all of your orders, and you are working on new listings.

You have come far, and I wish you the best of luck with your Etsy Enterprise.

As with all my posts, if you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comment section below.

Thank you very much for reading!

If you have any questions or comments at all, be sure to leave them in the comment section below and I will reply.

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6 thoughts on “How to Set Up an Etsy Shop – In 8 Simple Steps!

  1. Very nice!
    Doubt I will ever do anything with Etsy, but now I know how! haha
    Actually, I know a couple craftmakers that would find this interesting.
    I’ll send them a link.
    Once again, nice job, man!

  2. Hi jeremy,

    great post. Love the website to man. You explain how to set up an Etsy store really well. Step by step which is how I love to learn. I will share this with a few friends who are into the Etsy stuff.

    I may even consider it myself down the track. If I do I’ll know where to come to do it. Great work!


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