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Content is the most important thing when it comes to successful websites. The name you choose, the design of your website, and the pictures you use all mean nothing if your content is lacking. And your content means nothing if nobody finds it, so you need to find keywords to use within your content and as part of your title to allow people to find it. But how would you know which keywords are good to use and which ones aren’t? The answer is to use a keyword search tool such as Jaaxy.

Why Jaaxy?

When writing an article, you need to know if what you are basing it on is even going to be found when someone searches it. Your content is to help people, to answer a question they are asking, but if you can’t get your answer found, what is the point? Jaaxy is an exceptional program for finding out all you need to know when crafting your keyword rich content.

All you have to do is enter a keyword to start your search, and Jaaxy will show not only show the stats for your entered keyword, but also stats for related keywords, so you can see which would be better to use than others. The stats they show you are the Avg, the average number of searches that keyword receives in a month, the Traffic, the amount of visits you would get to your website if you were to achieve first page rankings in search engines, the QSR (Quoted Search Results), the number of websites competing over that keyword, the KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator), which shows if that keyword is good for using or not, and the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), a score based on traffic and competition.

Jaaxy gives you a lot of information to help you come to the conclusion on whether a keyword is good or bad, and in some cases will just flat out tell you.

Sounds Great, but How Much is it?

That price relies solely on what membership you choose.

Jaaxy Starter is completely free, but you get a limited amount of searches per month. Jaaxy Lite is free, but only to those who are Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member (Click Here for my review on Wealthy Affiliate!). Jaaxy Pro is definitely the one I would recommend the most, because it doesn’t cost a fortune ($19 monthly) and still gives you most of the features offered in Jaaxy Enterprise. Jaaxy Enterprise, though expensive ($49 monthly), has everything you could ever want in keyword searching.

The Verdict

Name: Jaaxy

Website URL:

Price: Starter: Free | Lite: Free to WA premium members | Pro: $19/mth ($199/year) | Enterprise: $49/mth ($499/year). Rating: 98%


+ Have a fully functional version absolutely free, upgrade is optional.

+ Gives you a competitive edge when competing with others for the same keyword.

+ Allows you to save a list of keywords.


– Starter Membership is very limited, and you will run out of searches fast..

Jaaxy is an amazing tool, that I would highly recommend to any website owner looking to get their posts way more views. A perfect example of how well Jaaxy works is this: I used Jaaxy to find the keywords I used in this article, and you managed to find it.

—> Click Here to get started with Jaaxy today! <—

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