How to Create a Website for Business

How to Create Your Very Own Website – In 4 Simple Steps!

There are countless ways of going about making money online, one of the most obvious and most effective being having a website.

With a website, you have countless ways of earning revenue that include the likes of affiliate marketing, Google Adsense and much more.

You may have considered it before, but thought that it was very difficult to create your own website and that only professional coders could create one.

This was the case years ago, but in today’s world, it’s easy as following these simple steps.

1. Choose Your NicheNiche Idea 1

Before you can select your niche, you must first know what a niche is.

A niche is a segment of market, in other words an audience.  Before you make your website you must know what your focus is going to be, who will be your target audience?Niche Idea 2

When choosing your niche, you want it to be something you are interested in, a passion, a hobby, or just something you are fascinated with and want to learn more about.

You don’t need to already be an expert on the topic, you just need to become an expert on that topic.Niche Idea 3

Your online business should not feel like a job, it should feel fun, it is very fun.

If you select a niche that you are interested in, you will enjoy work so much more.

I am not saying spend the next week really thinking about what is the best for you, you can always make another website, I would recommend spending no more than 15 minutes selecting your niche.

2. Purchase Your Domain

Great! You have your niche picked out and are ready to begin your brand and business.

The next step of course is to buy your domain, your website, but you need to think of a name first.

Picking a website name can be one of the hardest things to do when starting your website, but keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be related to your topic, it is just your brand name.

For example, lets look at Apple.

Do they really sell apples? Of course not!

They sell their technology products, like their Macintosh computers, and iPhones.

Apple is just the brand name they chose and built up to what it is today.

Once you have your desired name chosen, time to purchase your domain.

There are many places that you can buy your domain from, the one I use being Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a really awesome affiliate marketing service that offers 1,000s of trainings, live classes, personal expert support, and what we are focused on today, website creating and hosting.

If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, Click Here to read my review of it.

Anyways, to buy a domain in Wealthy Affiliate, click “Websites”, then select “Site Domains”.

Within Site Domains, you can type in the domain name you wish to buy, and if it is available, you will be allowed to purchase it.

I would highly recommend that you purchase a .com because they are cheaper and people tend to trust a .com more than they would a .net, .org, or .gov.

It will cost you $13.99 up front for a .com, and every year you would like to keep the domain will be an additional $13.99.

That is just within Wealthy Affiliate, there are plenty of other platforms you can use such as Namecheap or GoDaddy.

Namecheap sells domains at $10.69 for the first year, and all the years to come.

GoDaddy sells domains at a very cheap $0.99 for the first year, but the years following will cost you $14.99 a year.

I did some math, and found that after 4 years, Namecheap will cost you less than GoDaddy, so if you plan on keeping your domain for more than 3 years (which is recommended), Namecheap would be the better option.

Now that you have your domain purchased, It’s time to set up your website!

3. Set Up Your Website

I won’t be going too in-depth into content creation here, that is for another day, today I will be talking about getting your website set up and creating your first post.

Set Up Website

You have your domain purchased, which is all fine and dandy, but you next need to find a Content Management System (CMS).

There are plenty out there, I use WordPress through Wealthy Affiliate (Wealthy Affiliate hosts my website, WordPress is my CMS), but there are many other platforms out there, such as Drupal and Joomla.

I would highly recommend WordPress, because they run over 70,000,000 websites and have one of the cleanest experiences out there.

If you have decided that you want to use WordPress, head over to and install it on your site.

Hit “Get started”, fill out your info, select “Already own a domain?”, enter your domain name and transfer it to

Create Your Privacy Policy

You will then want to add a Privacy Policy to your site.

You can find templates online, but feel free to check out mine, Click Here, just make sure to enter your domain name where it says

Also change the email to your business email.

Once that is done simply hit publish as a page to your website and you are done. With your website all up to date and set up, it is time to create some content!

Create Your First Post

Like I said, I won’t be going into detail here about creating your content here, but Wealthy Affiliate highly recommends that you create an “About” post before anything else, so I would say do that first.

About Me

They even have a template to go off of, and if you are having trouble writing it, check out mine, Click Here.

4. Keep Working

If you have done everything explained in this post, you should have a solid foundation on which to build your business on.

You will not see profit overnight, you will have to keep at it for a long while until you achieve the success you are after.

Use the training offered within Wealthy Affiliate, and the guidance supplied here at to help you grow your website.

—> Click Here to read my post on Content Creation! <—

If you have any questions or comments about anything that I explained in this article, be sure to leave them in the comment section be low and I will reply.

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4 thoughts on “How to Create Your Very Own Website – In 4 Simple Steps!

  1. Hi, this is really an easy step by step website building guide. I don’t understand but is this all really for free?
    If I have a website like this can I make money with it?
    I’ll check out the Wealthy Affiliate program now, and see what it feels like to work there.
    Thank’s for the tip.

    1. It is free if you are a starter member and you choose a .siterbix site. Yes, you can make money with your site, but that will be explained in a future post. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone looking to build a website.
      Thank you for reading!

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