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How to Sell on Amazon for Beginners

Amazon is one of the best platforms out there for selling stuff online. Many people do it many different ways, but today I will be showing you the ways that I most recommend you try, to get you selling stuff on Amazon in no time!

I have talked about countless e-commerce platforms many times in the past and explained each of their respective advantages, disadvantages and ways of earning, platforms that include the likes of eBay, Etsy, Shopify, etc. But today I want to strictly focus on selling using Amazon.

Amazon is an extremely popular platform that is used to order millions of products daily. There are so many people using the platform and it is among the greatest ways of selling online, but is it the best option for you?

Why Amazon?

When most people think of Amazon, they don’t really think of it as a selling platform. They usually assume that their best option for selling something online would be through eBay, completely overlooking the fact that they can use Amazon to sell. Well you can sell on Amazon and there are so many benefits in doing so.

online traffic

The first benefit is how much traffic Amazon has as compared to eBay, while eBay has only about 168 million active buyers, Amazon has 310 million active buyers, nearly double that of eBay. Meaning that if you go to sell an item on Amazon, your chances of selling your product nearly double as opposed to selling it on eBay.

So, when it comes down to it, the main reason for selling on Amazon is the fact that it has more traffic, which means you should make more cash, assuming you have a hot product for sale that is selling fast. At any given moment, millions of people are scrolling through Amazon, potentially seeing your product, giving you a lot more exposure.

If you want to make some serious sales and really get rolling selling online, Amazon is the service for you, but if you are just looking to sell a few things and make a few bucks, then just use eBay, it is very quick and easy to use, and completely free. Click Here to learn more about selling on eBay!

How to Get Started

To start, you must first set up your account. When you go to make an account, you must have a credit card / debit card. Amazon does not make payments through PayPal, all the payments are made to your credit card or debit card.

Next, you need to decide on the type of seller account you want to make. There are 2 types to choose from: Professional and Individual. The Professional account costs $39.99 a month, but it grants you access to many bonus features that can’t be accessed through the Individual account.

The Individual account on the other hand does not have a monthly fee, but it instead charges you a $0.99 fee for every sale. If you are just starting and looking to sell some stuff, then the individual account is your best option, but if you really want to get going fast and are extremely serious about doing this, then I recommend you go with the Professional account.

Amazon also offers this really awesome and very efficient service called Fulfillment by Amazon, which allows sellers to ship their product inventory to Amazon’s warehouses where the individual shipments will be handled by Amazon. This service is really great, but there are some additional fees for using it and there is a definite learning curve, but once you figure out how it all works, this will really help you build your business efficiently.

ship large package

When you use Fulfillment by Amazon, you won’t need to drive down to the post office to mail your products to the buyer, you can simply send a large package to Amazon’s warehouses and let them take care of the rest, doing it very efficiently and saving a ton of time! They will even provide your business with customer support, how cool is that!

Just send your inventory to Fulfillment by Amazon, list the item, they will take care of the rest and you are set up and ready to earn some cash!
You can also track all of your shipments within Fulfillment by Amazon, and once your item has been delivered, you can send them a thank you letter and maybe include a feedback request within. That will really boost your seller rating which will lead to you getting more sales. Besides that, there are tons of other ways to increase your chances of a sale.

How to Make More Sales

One of the fastest ways of earning a profit using e-commerce platforms is through selling wholesale products, small and light things that you can sell for a nice profit. A good supplier can be found using the platform Alibaba, one of the largest e-commerce platforms out there.

Find a supplier, purchase a batch of products, send those products to Amazon’s warehouse, and wait for the sales to start coming in from every direction. There are obviously a lot more details to consider when it comes to selling via wholesale products, which is where the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) training comes in. I won’t be going into it here, that is a topic for another day.

However, if you take it one step at a time and solve each issue when it appears, not only will you accumulate a lot of experience, but you will also be rewarded with a successful e-commerce business.

As a beginner, selling on Amazon may seem rather daunting, but you have to just say you are going to do it and do it. You can only do so much research, but if you start, you will gain tons and tons of knowledge from your experiences, and you will learn along the way and get better.

A good example of this is riding a bike. When you first saw people riding bikes you thought to yourself “Wow, that looks really cool I want to try”, and when you were old enough you got your very own bike and began riding it, first with training wheels, then you became better and no longer needed them.

You just did it, you didn’t read a book explaining how to do it, you started doing it and got better, the same applies to business. What book would you trust more giving you tips about business; a book by an author who has a successful business, or a book by someone who did tons of research and has no business to show for it?

As you go, you will get better and learn more, which will lead to the growth of your business, and your success. You need to take action and start today, you will not achieve any of that until you start.

Get Started Right Away!start selling on Amazon

You need to commit to the idea of doing this by starting today. If you are thinking to yourself “I want to do this, but I have no clue what to sell”, that is completely fine. You can develop some ideas as you learn more about your targeted niche.

Problems will be faced along the way, but you have to work past them. Your goal is to get started up and to always get better, even if it is just a little. Learn from your mistakes and don’t make the same mistake twice.

This is a very difficult task to take on alone, but it is possible to do. The help from a solid community will really benefit you and get you going quickly. A guide and community like the one offered within ASM will show you that it is possible to create a thriving e-commerce business with Amazon, even with no experience, but again, it will be further explained at a later date.

What Are You Waiting For?!?!?

I have said all I need, it is now your turn to do what you must do. You now know the basics to selling on Amazon and it is completely up to you what you decide to do with this knowledge. Not everything you try to sell will sell well, but it’s nothing personal, it’s just how the online world works.

Keep working hard, if something isn’t working for you, try something else. You will get there if you keep working, and I wish you the best of luck in doing so.

Do you have any questions? Did I forget to mention something? If you need any help, leave a comment down below and I will be sure to help you out as soon as possible.

8 thoughts on “How to Sell on Amazon for Beginners

  1. Hi there,

    Great article. Very informative. Amazon is indeed one of the best platforms to sell online. I totally agree that they have high number of traffic, which is great for sellers.

    I really enjoyed reading your article.


  2. Hi, thanks for the in-depth information.

    I work on a website at the moment but am thinking of selling on Amazon.

    I have also a friend who is very interested in selling on Amazon. We live in Thailand and think we could buy some products very cheap here.

    I’ll read your instructions again and sit down with my friend an think what to do first.

    1. Hello! Thanks for reading kind sir!

      I think you should give Amazon a try!

      I think you and your friend have a lot of potential for making some serious cash on Amazon.

      If you want some further guidance in building your Amazon business, Click Here to check out the Amazing Selling Machine, I think you will find it to be quite helpful.

      Good luck with your business!

  3. Hey Jeremy,
    Thanks for this beginner start-up guide. I have been selling on AMZ for almost a year and while all you’ve said already is true, I just want to recommend everybody who starts out fresh on Amazon to really take enough time for product research and product development. An excellent product is the key to success, so make sure you don’t show up with a generic item.

    1. No problem Felix! The fact that you have been selling for a while is really cool and great advice that I didn’t emphasize enough! Thank you very much for the tip!

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