How to Make Money from an eBook – Through Affiliate Marketing

Writing you very own eBook is very popular these days.  Many people are writing them in attempt to make some money, which begs the question, “How can I make the most money from my eBook?”.  The answer you are looking for is through Affiliate Marketing.

How to Make Affiliate Money from your eBookmake money from an eBook

Here’s an example of how it’s done:

Let’s suppose you are looking for an eBook on how to craft the perfect cup of coffee.  You look for one and narrow it down to two that you really like, one is free and one costs $10, which would you buy?  Obviously the free one!  So you continue to download it, read it, and while reading, it recommends you the coffee maker and supplies they used to craft their perfect cup of coffee, and you proceed to click on their link and buy the items to try it out for yourself.

You may have not realized it, but you just put money in that authors wallet.  Let’s say your total came to $100, and they got 30% as a commission.  That means they got $30, when they charged nothing for their book.

Before we really get going, I just want to point out that yes, some readers may find your advertising to be annoying.  However, many readers will want to learn about the products they can benefit from, and will appreciate the inclusion of them.  If the products are relevant you shouldn’t have any complaints.

Are you ready to try it out for yourself?  Here’s how you can:

Step 1. Pick Your Topic

When you are thinking about what to write your eBook on don’t overthink it.  It can be a hobby / interest of yours, which makes writing about it way more natural, thus making it easier to stay motivated.  Just make sure you have a product in mind while writing, and try to make your article promote that product.  It may be difficult to find a relevant affiliate program for your eBook, but I can assure you there is one out there.

Your eBook doesn’t have to be a review, as a matter of fact it shouldn’t be one, you just have to recommend the product by saying a little about it and how it can be of assistance to your topic.  In the example above, it was about making a cup of coffee, not a review of a coffee maker.  See how you just work some products into an informative eBook?

Instead of basing it on an interest, you could instead find a high-commission affiliate program  and create an eBook based around whatever products make the most money.  This approach makes a lot of sense if you can write about anything easily, or if you hire someone to write it for you – more on that in a bit.

Step 2. Choose Your Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is quite simple.  You sign up to promote a company’s products and they provide a unique code that you paste in your website / eBook / blog / Facebook page, which links the reader to that company’s website.  Every time someone goes to the company’s website through your links and purchases something, you earn a commission.

Looking at various affiliate products can change your mind about your topic as well.  For instance, you may have been interested in promoting Mr. Coffee coffee makers, but after seeing that a Technivorm Moccamaster could make you $30 per sale you promote, you may instead choose that, rather than the $10 that the Mr. Coffee coffee maker would earn you.

Step 3. Create Your eBookwrite an ebook

The first part of creating your eBook is to research.  You will have to know nearly everything there is to know about that topic to write an accurate and entertaining eBook.  Once you have done your research, you can write your eBook in under a week.

If you do not want to write, you could hire a writer to put your eBook together, but that can be very expensive, unless you have a friend who will do it for you and share the profits.  You could also try to put together an eBook of free articles as the producer / editor.  All you need to do is find relevant experts online that will give you an article if you put a link to their website somewhere in your eBook.  Once you gain enough articles, put them together and add recommendations with affiliate links for relevant products, write an introduction and conclusion and there you go, your book is done.

To convert your eBook into a PDF, use MS Word if you have it, if not use an online converter such as CutePDF Writer.

Step 4. Give Your eBook Awaygive away your ebook

Keep in mind that only about 2% of readers will actually buy something through your eBook, so give away as many as you can.  Here are some ways of doing so:

  • Email a copy to everyone you know.
  • Link to your download page from Facebook and Twitter.
  • Distribute it through free eBook websites.
  • Convince blog owners to give it away as a gift to visitors.
  • Advertise on Craigslist under Free Stuff.
  • Put your eBook on Fiverr.  It will cost potential readers $5 to purchase, which isn’t free, but does have it’s advantages.  When you build more popularity, you will be higher ranked within, and you can gain many more sales from not only your eBook, but though your affiliate links.  For more information on Fiverr, Click Here to read that post.

Attempt to put you eBook into the hands of readers who are passionate about the subject, and those who will love your recommended products.  I wish you the best of luck in creating your eBooks and I hope you achieve greatness in doing so.

As with all my posts, if you have any questions be sure to leave the in the comment section below.

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