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How to Earn Money on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social platform that has been around for a while now, with one of its key features being sharing ideas through images, whether it be their own, or ones they found. Users simply add a “bookmarklet” button to their browser, which allows them to pin images to a virtual board, which usually correlates to their particular theme/purpose, with each image being backed with a click-through link to the page in which it was discovered.

That all sounds great, but how can you make money from it? That all depends on what strategies you use and how you use them. Luckily for you, I have created a list of the most effective ways of making money on Pinterest.

Add Affiliate Linksaffiliate link

There is a lot of question as to whether Pinterest allows affiliate links or not, but since May 12, 2016 Pinterest has allowed them once again. That is awesome! Affiliate Marketing is an amazing way to make some real cash online.

Adding affiliate links to your Pinterest is very simple, but before we get into that, you need to sign up for an affiliate program. I would recommend that for now you sign up for Amazon, but you can certainly (and I would recommend) you sign up for more later.

Once you sign up for an affiliate program, its time to add the actual links to your Pinterest. Make sure the things you pin are relevant to your board and be sure not to over do it. Make a few pins here and there relating to affiliate products, but don’t make all you pin affiliate products.

Let’s suppose you have a board about fixing houses, so you pin an image of some really nice floor tiles. All you do is write a short description about it and add the word “affiliate” to the end of it for disclosure purposes. once you are finished pinning it, click “edit” and change the link URL to your affiliate link.

Start a Business Board

Everyone is looking to make money, and Pinterest users are no exception. Some users have even created boards dedicated to ways to make money. For inspiration on ways to earn extra money online, check out other posts on this site, BuildYourOnlineEnterprise! You could end up with an idea for a very profitable business.

You could make a single board on money making ideas, and feature everything from starting an eBay business to building a successful website.

Make Some Craftsmake some crafts

From paintings to woodwork, there are countless things to learn how to create via Pinterest. In addition to perfecting your techniques, there are Pinterest boards that offer endless Pinterest craft ideas. However, they offer no way to sell things, so you will have to use other services to sell your completed pieces such as eBay (Click Here to check out my post on eBay) and Etsy (Click Here to check out my post on Etsy).

Pinterest offers so many money making crafts to create, there is really an endless supply of ideas.

Acquire Some Fresh Skills

If crafting isn’t your cup of tea, then you can find plenty of other skills to learn on Pinterest. You could find a board about fixing houses, where they show everything from refinishing your hardwood floors to making concrete counter tops. It could even include tips on furnishing, and landscaping.

While these boards help to save you money by doing these tasks yourself rather than paying for someone to do it for you, they also can be even more beneficial once you have done some practicing to perfect your new skill, by turning your skills into a paying job. You could open a small business as a real estate investor, where you can search for great deals on houses, flip them, and make some good cash.

Here is a list of some Pinterest board ideas:

  • Do it yourself – I feel foolish for including this because it is so obvious, but it is definitely one I recommend. You can even narrow in on that focus, and instead of starting a DIY board, you could have a DIY cabinet board, or something like that.
  • Room makeovers – Everyone has a room or two in their house they don’t like as much as the others, and people may want to clean that room up and make it one of their favorites.
  • Recipes to try – Everyone loves food, and a lot of people are looking for new foods to try, you can find a recipe for every craving. Plus, bookmarking dinners and deserts by photo is much more appetizing than saving a link with a recipe name.
  • Fashion – Plenty of people out there are looking to improve their looks, and Pinterest users are no exception.
  • Books to read – Once someone finishes a really good book, they ask themselves, “What do I read now?” and this is where you come in. You give recommendations on what people should read next.
  • Beauty and hair – Kind of goes with fashion, but just teach how to do your hair in a new and different way, and put tips for making your makeup look its best.
  • Wedding ideas – Give ideas on good flowers, dresses, cakes, favors, and much more.
  • Your interests – Make a board on your interests! If there is something out there that really interests you, make a board on it, and share that passion with others.

Keep on Pinning!

At this point, you should have your account all set up and have some boards ideas picked out. If you do, nice job, you are half-way there. The next step is to fill those boards with relevant pins as frequently as possible. Keep in mind everything stated in this post, and get started, nothing is stopping you! I wish you and all your boards the best of luck in becoming successful on Pinterest.

I am always here to help, and if you have any questions about anything explained in this article leave them in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “How to Earn Money on Pinterest

  1. That is a very useful post. I have bee in affiliate marketing for only 1 year and still have a lot to learn. But this type of posts make me feel more comfortable in that business because of the valuable to users content.
    I do have pinterest account for my business but I have never heard that you can actually promote affiliate programs in there. It was also great that you described how exactly it can be done! I will definitely use that information and review all my posts in there.
    Do you know by any chance if this feature exists on instagram?
    Thank you!

    1. I’m glad you got so much from this article! I am not sure if it works with Instagram, but if it does, I will most likely make a post about it. Thank you very much for reading!

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