How to Create Your Own Mobile App

How to Create Your Own Mobile App

There was a time, not long ago, that starting your own website, starting an online store, or launching your own app required advanced coding knowledge or enough money to hire someone to do it for you.

A lot has changed since, and in today’s world, many companies have created tools that make the process of developing something like this extremely quick and cheap.

Sites like Wix and WordPress make creating websites a breeze, while websites like eBay and Amazon make selling online easy as pie.

Those are very well-known websites that a lot of people know exist and know how to use, but not many people know of any good app developing software.

Easy app creation software is out there and has gotten a lot better over the last few years.

You can now use tons of different sites to create your very own app in little time at all, without knowing tons about computers, just having access to one with a stable internet connection.

However, the apps you get from using these tools are on the relatively simple side, and won’t really awe anyone, you’ll still need to be able to code or hire someone with coding knowledge if you are looking to create more complex apps or games.

Nonetheless, here are 4 services that will prove to be very useful to you when looking to design an app.

Become a Publisher

Before we really get into comparing some services you can use to create your app, you’ll need some documentation as an app publisher, which will allow you to distribute your apps.

To be able to distribute within the Google Play Store, you need to sign in to Google Play Console, using your Google account and pay a $25 registration fee.

To sell on iOS, you need to head to Apple Developer Program, pay a $99 annual fee and sign in using your Apple credentials.

Besides those initial fees, Apple and Google take a 30% cut of your sales once your app is published, which may sound like a lot, but you have to remember that you are using their platform and if it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be making nearly as many sales.

With that out of the way, here are 4 different services you can choose from to use to create your app.


You could say these guys make creating an app as easy as pie, which I believe would be a correct statement.

It is very possible to create a full app without spending too much time developing or acquiring design knowledge.

To start off, head over to and name your app, which you can change later, but this is the name that will show when people install your app, both in the app store and on the home screen, so keep that in mind.

Then, you will be asked to select a category, which is very easy to do, you just click the one that corresponds with what you are looking to do.

After that, hit next and you will be asked to insert your website URL, fill that in and hit next.

You will then be asked to select an app design, there are plenty to choose from and odds are you will find one you love.

With that done, there really isn’t much else I can help you with, the process is straight forward and easy to figure out.

By clicking through a demo of the app on an on-screen phone, you can adjust text, color, add pages, photos, media, link, and whatever else you want.

You have tons of control over everything and the site is very responsive, definitely worth giving a try.

It starts out free, but it embeds their ads in your app and only lets you tweak your creation for 48 hours. There are $15, $30, and $50 monthly plans that offer unlimited app editing and increase platform distribution.

$15 allows you to build apps for Android only, while the $50 plan allows for you to develop apps for all major platforms, including Microsoft and Apple.


Up next we have, which is a very easy to use platform.

Similar to AppyPie, you’re given an on-screen smartphone that you are able to drag items directly onto.

Unlike AppyPie however, apps that are built using this tool are better at linking to content, rather than providing native content.

Drag the blog icon over and you will be asked to enter your blog’s RSS feed address. If you have an existing blog/website, this provides a very easy way to make it mobile.

You may also customize the look of each icon and the background image. Changes to the architecture are sadly, not as impressive as they are with AppyPie.

Using the free version will allow you to create an ad-free mobile app, $2/month lets you develop an Android-only app with AppMakr branding.

$39/month lets you create up to 10 apps for Android with no branding, you also get a source code, and $99/year lets you publish apps on iOS and Android with no branding.


Information-based apps can add tons of value to your business, but if you are looking for some potential to earn money, then I think a game is the way to go.

Statistically, if you looked at the most downloaded iOS apps, you’ll see that over half are games, with other top spots being occupied by social media and entertainment like Netflix and Twitter.

There are plenty of different platforms you can use to make a game, but you are looking to make one for iOS and Android, then a really easy way to do that would be with GameSalad, which you can download here.

Unlike the others on this list thus far, GameSalad consists of software that must be installed to your desktop.

The company states that you could create a game in under an hour, but if you want to create something great, it will certainly take longer, especially in the beginning.

The software isn’t really drag and drop, so you will definitely want to spend some time going through their video tutorials in order to succeed.

Paying a monthly fee of $29 will allow publishing on all major platforms including iOS and Android.


This one is another very user-friendly online app builder.

Head over to and start by choosing a template based on your goals, such as “selling stuff”, or “earning loyalty”.

After selecting the template that best suits your needs, you can further perfect your site by choosing the proper category, such as “Bands” or “Radio Station”.

A very unique feature that AppInstitue has is that after you choose your template, you are asked your phone number, and once you give it, you will instantly be sent a link to your pre-made app, which I find to be a nice touch.

App Institute is highly regarded among app builders, but I didn’t find it very quick to respond, it was often glitchy and a bit counter intuitive when it comes to customizing your app.

Still, there are some really good training videos and the live chat will help you get going quickly.

This service is the most expensive on this list, in order to create an Android friendly app, you will end up having to pay $70 a month, with the $115 price point allowing for iOS versions of your app.

Though it is a bit flawed, I think that overall it is well worth it and definitely one that you should consider for building your app.

Develop Some Apps!

I have shared with you some very solid choices when it comes to finding the perfect platform for developing your app, but now it’s your turn to develop the app.

I can’t really help you any further, it is up to you to make the app, I can’t force you to do it.

These are all really solid platforms, and any of them would be a great choice, as long as you select the one that best suits what it is you are trying to do.

If you have any questions or comments about anything explained in this article, be sure to leave a comment down below and I will reply.

Thank you very much for reading this article, and if you liked it and want more, be sure to read some other posts on this site, or follow me on social media, so you can be notified when I release something new.




4 thoughts on “How to Create Your Own Mobile App

  1. I’ve bookmarked this, great information and I definitely like Gamesalad.
    I have heard it can be very rewarding making games for people’s phones, but I had never actually looked into making one until today. This is very interesting , though I would probably have to schedule more time to work on something like this to make something really good.

    Do you know of any good companies I could hire to help me with programing or coding an app?

    1. Thank you very much Jacob! I prefer GameSalad as well. Games are a very great way to make money from an app, and I really think that you should give it a try.
      As to companies that I know that could help with programming, I don’t really know of any, sorry, but you could check and see if you can hire someone there.
      Thank you very much for reading!

  2. Now this post was extremely helpful. Me and by buddy have been thinking about making our own app in the next few weeks, and this really got me excited. The app-maker should be hugely beneficial for us. Thanks for this post.

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