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Creating a workspace is a very important part of building your online business.  You need to have a place that you can go to get work done.  When you are building your workspace, you will obviously need a desk (Click Here for my post on Cheap Desks), and a desk chair.  Your workspace shouldn’t cost you a fortune, so I found 4 desk chairs that will provide you with comfort at a reasonable price.

BestOffice Ergonomic Computer Chair

Dimensions: 21″L x 21″W x 60″H


+ Fairly easy to assemble.

+ Comfortable.

+ Looks great.

+ Mesh netting is very strong.


– A little narrow.

– Bolts loosen over time, causing the chair to squeak.

Excellent chair for the price you are paying. —> Click Here to see the price on Amazon! <—

Furmax Office Chair

Dimensions: 20″L x 20″W x 47.99″H


+ Assembly is quick.

+ Very Comfortable.

+ Very sturdy.

+ Looks good.


– Arm rests feel a bit flimsy.

– Less than 30 degrees of recline.

– Backrest is low.

This chair is great and very comfortable for long usage. —> Click Here to see the price on Amazon! <—

Giantex Office Chair

Dimensions: 22.4″L × 22.8″W × 44.9″H


+ Easy to assemble.

+ Great back support.

+ Quite sturdy.

+ Extremely Comfortable.

+ Wheels move flexibly.


– A little more expensive.

This is the perfect chair for the price you are paying. —> Click Here to see the price on Amazon! <—

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

Dimensions: 25.2″L x 24″W x 40.4″H


+ Quality Material and Sturdy.

+ Comfortable for hours.

+ Easy Assembly.


– Little to no adjustability.

– Arms are really low when sitting up straight.

This is a solid chair for the price. —> Click Here to see the price on Amazon! <—

Any one of these chairs would be just fine for your workspace, but my personal favorite is the Giantex Office Chair, thanks to the excellent level of comfort and back support it gives. Here are the Amazon links to all of them:

BestOffice Ergonomic Computer Chair

Furmax Office Chair

Giantex Office Chair

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

2 thoughts on “Cheap Desk Chairs

  1. I need a designated work-space badly! So far I’ve been making do with my dining table, couch, bed, and even the floor! lol. I would love to have an area that looks just like the picture you have.
    I really think it’s time I did some serious looking to get my self set up. I’ve been thinking it would be a costly venture so I have been holding off. But these prices are actually not bad at all. It looks doable. I’d just take baby steps I guess.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I would highly recommend a work-space to anyone with a business, no matter what size, and i’m glad you are considering building one! Food luck to your work-space and thank you for reading!

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