Amazing Selling Machine Review

Amazing Selling Machine Review

Not to long ago, I did a post about selling on Amazon, you can Click Here to read it, but within that post I briefly mentioned something called the Amazing Selling Machine and explained that it was a training course with a great community that would help you fully understand everything about selling on Amazon and how you can maximize profit.

In this post, I want to further explain what is included, if and how it can benefit you, and most importantly is it worth the money. Some may argue yes, some may argue no, I want to just mention all the good and bad in order to come to the conclusion of whether or not I think it is worth it.

I want to also say that selling via e-commerce is not for everyone. Some people grow a successful business rather quickly, while others struggle to the point where they don’t want to do it anymore. If you are one of these people, that is fine, at least you tried it, and they will supply you with a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

Just remember, even if this isn’t for you, there are countless other ways to make money online that you can check out Here, so don’t feel like you can’t just because you tried and didn’t like one thing.

What’s Included?

What you get within is truly amazing. Trial and error works great for some things, but when it comes to making money through an e-commerce platform, it’s great to have someone there to help you that has achieved success in doing it themselves.

Here is what is included within the training program:

  • An 8-week video training course to walk you through everything you need to know.
  • Recommended tools for building and growing your Amazon business.
  • A lifetime membership to the Amazon Selling Machine community and forum.

They will teach you the principles of e-commerce business and drop shipping. The main idea is to find light-weight products that you can buy in bulk and sell on Amazon for a nice profit. Here are the steps that are outlined in the ASM training:

  1. Find smaller and light-weight products (to reduce shipping cost) that are hot sellers.
  2. Locate reliable Chinese suppliers using websites like, or
  3. Get multiple suppliers to send you samples.
  4. Test the samples you receive for durability.
  5. Place the minimum order quantity.
  6. Send your order to Fulfillment by Amazon and let them take care of the rest.

This is just an outline of what to expect to be covered in this course. The information is delivered through training videos, and even live seminars.

What are the Benefits of using ASM?ASM

I think the main benefit of the program is the fact that it works. I mean, you can go ahead and spend years and years reading post after post, and still not have a firm understanding of how to sell on Amazon successfully, but if you do this simple training course, you can have a really good understanding of everything in a matter of weeks.

In my opinion, if you do as the program advises, you can pay it off in just a couple of weeks. Without learning from ASM, it’s a possibility that you could build it up the that level, but I am almost certain that it would take a lot longer and your business would have a way higher chance of crashing.

If you don’t have the proper guidance to build your Amazon business, then you will most likely fail. But with the expert guidance offered within ASM, I am certain that any of you can do it. Their video trainings do such a great job of walking you through the process and are designed to help you from start to finish, explaining everything from picking a product to sell to opening your shop.

Amazon is a really awesome company to work with and they act as the best drop-shipper out there, most of the time charging less than USPS and UPS. They make everything to easy to do if you follow the training and the marketplace they have is so large that your products will have no problem selling.

Is it Worth the Price?Amazing Selling Machine Worth the Price?

The price for ASM is $3,997, which is a ton of money, but if you buy it, I don’t think you will regret it. You will make that money back if you follow the training, in just a few weeks. They guarantee that you will love the course, and if while you are doing it you feel that selling via e-commerce isn’t for you, then you can get your money back, as long as it is within 30 days of purchase.
They do charge a lot for this course, but their logic is no different from the value a college or university places on their courses. In college, you pay a huge tuition so you can gain a career that earns you around $100,000 / year. So if you think about it that way, what’s $3,000 to $5,000 to spend on a program that has a huge potential profit of $100,000 / month?

You have to invest in yourself, if you spend that kind of money on your education, you will be motivated to do something with it. If a course was free, sure you would use it, but if you paid a sum of money that large, you would stay motivated and make sure you did not put all that money to waste.

Are there Alternatives?YouTube selling on Amazon tutorials

There are some alternatives to the ASM that include trial and error, which will take you years to learn half of what ASM will teach you in a matter of weeks, and there is always to option to look through a bunch of online tutorials on YouTube, but again, good luck finding anything of value.

If you want your business to really take off, then you need to invest the money, invest in yourself, invest in your business. You will find it well worth it and you will thank yourself for signing up, saving yourself years and years of work just trying to piece together an idea of what to do.

The Verdict

Name: Amazing Selling Machine.

Price: ASM8 is $3,997 or 5 payments of $997 (total of $4, 985).

Website URL: Rating: 95%.


+ Training is amazing.

+ Videos are easy to follow and help a ton.

+ Community is very helpful.

+ If you do as the training says, you can make up to $100,000 / month.

+ 30-day money back guarantee.


This course is expensive.

This course is absolutely worth it, and if you do as it says, you will surpass what you paid in just a few weeks. There is no better course than this to help you get started on Amazon quickly. Even if the price is a bit steep, I guarantee you that it is worth the money and I highly recommend you give it a try.

6 thoughts on “Amazing Selling Machine Review

  1. Great article, very informative! I enjoy reading it and I like how honest you are in your writing and information you give out, you’re not pushy either. I’m glad you mentioned the pros and cons of it so people can check it for themselves and decide! Thank you!

  2. My brother actually does this method of buying a bunch of lightweight materials and sells them on Amazon. To be fair, he hasn’t made anything back because his job at the airport keeps him busy. If he ever starts it up again or if I ever get into it, I’ll look back into the ASM program. The price does sound like a big price which it is ($3k is not a little amount of money) so I wanted to ask you if you’ve utilized ASM yet and how long it took for you to make the money back? Also, is it POSSIBLE AT ALL to maybe work out a payment deal with them to lower the price by even a smidge? Or is the price firm. Let me know Jeremy, thanks for bringing ASM to my attention. I thought this whole buying and selling on Amazon gig was straight forward and simple but it sounds actually more complicated than I thought.

    1. Tell your brother I said that is really cool! Yeah, it may be difficult while doing other things, but as long as he sticks to it, he’ll succeed. I highly recommend you check out ASM, it will really help, and I completely agree that $3,000 is a ton of money to invest.
      I personally don’t sell on Amazon. My main focus has been to provide content on this website, I have used eBay before, but never quite got around to Amazon. I may try it in the time to come, but for now, I don’t use it.
      You break it up into monthly fees, but that will add up to be more, and there is not way to lower their asking price, it’s firm, so if you were to make the investment, I would recommend paying the one time fee.
      No problem Zahub and I wish you the best of luck if you decide to give Amazon a try!

  3. My first thought is wow, that’s a lot of money. When you put it in terms of paying university rates, it seems pretty affordable. Yes, it costs a lot, but with a money back guarantee, it might be worth a shot. You mentioned in the post that you can certainly go it alone and learn by making mistakes, but someone has already done that for you. Why waste time and energy on something, when the path is already paved for you. I am definitely considering this program, especially if it works. I understand that you have to follow the program, and that seems easy enough. Thanks for sharing this post, I am going to sleep on it and give it some serious thought.

    1. I know, it does sound like a lot, but honestly, when comparing it to a college course, it isn’t that far off. I think it is really worth a chance, and I think it is commonly overlooked due to its high price tag.
      I completely agree with you, learn from the mistakes of people that have already succeeded. This program works and is very easy to follow along with and it almost guarantees success.
      If you decide to go with it, I wish you the best of luck and thank you very much for reading!

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